Review: The New Craft House Knicker Making Kit

The lovely ladies at The New Craft House recently sent me one of their brand, new Knicker Making Kits to try out on my trusty sewing machine. I've never made knickers before and it's been a loooong time since I sewed with elastic.

The kit arrived in a gorgeous New Craft House tin, with everything I needed to get started, including a handy set of instructions and super pretty fabric!

I read through the instructions first, making sure I had a good overview before cutting the fabric. As the fabric had been neatly rolled up in the tin, I gave it a press with the iron first. I also carefully ironed the paper sewing pattern to get a few of the creases out. This is really easy to do. You can either iron it on a super low setting or pop a bit of fabric over the top of the paper and iron through the fabric.

The instructions were really easy to follow and I liked the fact it had an estimate of how long the project expects to take. This was a 2-3 hour project. I probably took that amount of time but I had to break off mid-way through to answer a lovely custom order request in my shop, so I lost track of the timing.

Sewing the elastic wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be as long as I placed the pins horizontally as pictured in the instructions. At first I tried placing the pins vertically down the fabric but the elastic wouldn't hold, which is why it's best to always follow the instructions!

Here are my finished knickers! I loved adding the extra detail of the bow on the top. My knickers are ever so slightly too big as I over estimated with my measurements. So, I'm going to use the next size down on the pattern and make another pair.

This is a great project for beginners or indeed anyone who likes a fun sewing project. It's a bit more interesting than sewing a cushion! Although you can never have too many cushions but you get my drift. 

What I also liked about the kit was the fact that you could easily pop the pattern back in the tin, rather than trying to fold it up and tussle with getting it back into a paper envelope. I always find that frustrating. It's like trying to get a tent back into its original bag; it always seems bigger than when it went in!

Overall, I loved this project for practising my sewing skills and making something a little different. I have now got my eye on their bra making workshop, to go with my knickers of course!

Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.