Going on an adventure: how to begin

plane map and arrows
If you fancy going on an adventure or being more adventurous in life, have a read of my tips on how to begin!

1) Open up your imagination! Yes, it may sound a little corny but it's the only way to get started. Have a think and jot down some ideas about where you would like to go. It could be a place in the world or it could be a way of being. For example, going into that gallery exhibition that you've just discovered, rather than waiting or simply saying yes to that coffee catch up with your friend. Whatever it is, starting imagining where you want to be.

2) Now you've got an idea of what or where it is you want to go, write it down and pin it up on the wall. You could even get a map and put a pin in it! The main point is to have it there in front of you, showing you that you've made a decision about where you're going! Exciting stuff!

3) You've listened to your imagination and you've told yourself it's happening. You now need to plan and begin! Get that travel guide out, start planning and book that flight or reply to your friend to say yes to that coffee or simply walk out the door and head to that gallery exhibition. Whatever it is, don't just plan it but do it too! 

I hope this gives you some encouragement to go on that adventure you've been dreaming of and start saying yes!

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