Yellow themed photography

One of my new year plans is to put more time aside for photography. So far I've tried out Emily Quinton's taster course and have been watching her fab videos, full of inspiration. This week I tried out her idea for working with a colour and little objects from around the home that bring happiness to the dark month of January.

I chose the colour yellow. Not only is it one of my favourites but it's also a very happy, positive colour. So, with that in mind, I hunted around my studio for anything yellow and any objects that made me smile.

With my collection of yellow things, I began to play around, placing them on a white back ground and rearranging them to form some flat lay collages. Here are a selection of the photos I took. Some have been touched up slightly to give different lighting effects because I love how light can change the whole mood to a photo. I think my favourite is the first one.

Have you started one of your new year goals? How's it going? I'd love to hear all about it!