What's on the jukebox, Jo?

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Where do you begin in describing the ultimate legend that is, Bowie? 

Since the news of his death, I've had Bowie on repeat, non-stop. Although, in fairness, he's been on my jukebox non-stop since I was first introduced to him. I remember my Dad pulling Jean Genie from his record collection when I was just a little girl. Dad said to me, "you're gonnna like this one" and so I did to the point of madness, listening to it on repeat.

Jean Genie is indeed a favourite but so too are many of his songs. I could quite easily fill this post with pretty much every song he ever wrote but instead I'll pick out just a few, which I've been returning to quite a bit recently.

This performance of Heroes is just pure brilliance!! The opening banter with his band and audience has me in hysterics and many, many happy tears!

Five Years I didn't hear until a lot later and oh boy, does it make my heart ache. That thread of sadness throughout....

Getting to see him perform at Glastonbury in 2000 was like nothing else. Wow, did he rock that stage! I'll never, ever forget it. 

What a man, an inspiration, a complete legend.
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