Photography course

Last week I started Emily Quinton's online photography course and I'm loving it! I'm learning so much and really getting to know the way around my camera...and my house for the perfect places to take photos!

As you can imagine, I've taken a tonne of photos but here are three from one lesson where we looked at backgrounds, natural light and the rule of thirds! Each of these were taken in different rooms in my home, making the most of the natural light beaming through the windows and learning to turn the light off in a room to stop it from giving the photo a nasty, yellow tinge.

I really enjoyed having a think about backgrounds, starting with my home for inspiration. It really needn't be expensive finding backgrounds or indeed cost anything at all! What I particularly loved about this homework was thinking about how different backgrounds with the same object as a focal point, can give an entirely different feeling to an image.

The flowery background is a sample piece of fabric that I picked up for Β£1 from my local fabric shop. The marble is the original flooring in my 1930s house and the wood is actually a chest that I use as a coffee table in my living room. Oh and the little teapot was picked up in Hong Kong by my parents years ago. It was lovely to get it out the dresser and use it as a focal point. Made me really look at the teapot and appreciate it as a beautiful object. I'm now looking at objects and backgrounds around my home with a completely fresh pair of eyes!

I will be sharing more photos in the weeks to come but to see more, head over to my Instagram page and come follow me on Twitter!