Love Post (Red) Printed Brooch

Today's post is delving into the world of print, design and love, wooo!

See this little cutey below? It's called the Love Post (Red) Printed Brooch, designed and handmade by Matthew at Bonfire Cherry. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Not only can you pick one up with free postage (coupon code at the end of this post) but today you can find out exactly how Matthew designed and created it! So, I'm going to hand the reins over. Take it away, Matthew! 

Step 1: For the valentine’s brooch design, I thought about old love letters that couples used to send to each other and a Portuguese post box I took a picture of during my travels a few years ago. I started off from drawing the design onto a piece of layout paper but you can use tracing paper. By going over the design on both sides I transferred the design onto the lino.

Step 2: Before I started carving the lino I made sure to go over the reversed design with pen so I didn’t miss any details!

Step 3: After some time I finished carving the inside of the design. Usually I like to keep the background but for this brooch design it is not needed, so I used some scissors to remove everything around the design. Next step is the fun part, printing!

Step 4: Before I started printing, I made sure I had the correct ink, card, something that I could roll the ink on (can be card, glass, newspaper or plastic), and 2 rollers for steps 5 and 6.

Step 5: I rolled some red lino printing ink over the piece of lino, making sure the lino was covered with enough ink but not too much.

Step 6: When ready I gently applied some card over the lino and with a dry roller I went over the lino making sure that there was enough pressure for the ink to go onto the card and when I knew it was ready I then slowly peeled the card off the ink to the design you now see! This took me a few attempts to get right but you are going to get that with any form of printing.

Step 7: After the design had dried I then scanned it onto my pc where I adjusted the colour a bit before printing it onto a material called shrink plastic.

Step 8: I cut the copies of the design up, ready for the oven!

Step 9: In the oven they went at a high temperature on an oven tray covered with a sheet of grease proof paper making sure they don’t stick to the tray.

Step 10: After a few minutes in the oven the design as you can see from step 8 has shrunk 7 times its size. I waited for the brooch to cool down and then I applied the brooch pin on the back!

Thanks so much, Matthew! It's been fascinating reading all about how you designed and created the valentine's inspired brooch! I now want to get my screen printing set out to play!

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