Getting your mojo on after the Christmas holidays

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I don't know about you but I'm really having to push myself to get back into work this week. It's especially hard when I work from home and the temptation of lying on my bed with a book for half an hour or hey, lets be honest here, sitting on the sofa binging on the latest Netflix tv series, is only a few footsteps away!

So, it got me to thinking about ways to encourage myself to enjoy getting stuck into work and mostly, getting organised and not distracted. I'm not counting this blog post as a form of procrastination, honestly I'm not. Ok, well maybe a little bit but I'm hoping these tips will help me as much as they do you.


1. If you're staring at a blank screen, get up and tidy your workspace up instead. Get rid of any old paperwork, file stuff away and even get the hoover and duster out and really clean up. A clean workspace is like a clear mind, all ready for action!

2. Throw that old calendar away and get yourself a new one! I LOVE all these free printable calendars Heart Handmade UK is sharing. While you're at, go get yourself a diary or planner too and get yourself truly organised! If you're not convinced, read my reasons why they help over on the Simple Stylish Makes blog.

3. Turn all social media notifications off for the day. You don't need to be looking at pictures of cats now do you?!

4. If you have too much to do, start by writing it all down. Putting it on to paper is like the old adage, a problem shared is a problem halved. You may even see that it's not too bad a list after all.

Write down when those tasks need to be done by, then start allocating time, using your calendar or diary to help. It may be the case that you spend an hour a day on each, slowly but surely chipping away at each task. By limiting the amount of time you spend, you will become less resentful towards those goals and instead work more efficiently to achieving them. This also brings variety to your day, which is a positive thing!

5. Get 30 minutes fresh air or exercise a day. If you can't manage that, then at least go for a walk around the block. The endorphins released will give you energy and see you running back to your desk. If you're running in the other direction however, maybe it's time to make some plans and positive changes to your life.

I hope this helps anyone out there who's struggling to get stuck back into work. Do you have any ideas or tricks to help with that post-Christmas slump/return to work? 

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