Flat lay photography

What is it about flat lay photography that is just so scrumptious?

I am completely in love with flat lay photography and have become even more obsessed with it since finishing Emily Quinton's online photography course. I've taken a tonne of photos on the course - seriously, I could fill this whole blog up with images! Yes, I went camera mad taking snaps on the course but all in the name of, practice makes perfect!

Here's one of the flat lays that I did. I wanted to do lines of colours, with the strength of the colour getting lighter towards the bottom of the frame. 

The props are items I found in my studio, which I firstly layed out on a table to make sure I'd got enough for the shot. I tested the shot by taking a few photographs and then moved the entire lot, in order (thank goodness for trays!), downstairs to my sitting room where the light was perfect for the time of day. Then I got to work, snapping away with my camera. I worked using an auto-focus, so that I didn't have to worry about aperture and ISO numbers but I made sure there was plenty of day light and didn't get tempted to turn the lights on in the room.

I  enjoyed working with these lines of colours so much that I decided to try some more flat lay colour shots, using different props. You might be able to spot one of these on my Instagram page! I'll be sharing more of these soon, so stay tuned!

flat lay photo

flat lay photos

flat lay photography

flat lay photography