Thrifty Tips: Breakfast

Whether you love it or hate it, did you know that breakfast can actually save you money? Seems a little strange, right? Well, not really when you think about it. 
  • Skipping breakfast means you are more likely to snack and shop bought snacks cost more than a boiled egg and toast at home. Snacks also don't fill you up. They're empty calories. Whereas a bowl of porridge will see you through until lunch time.

  • Branded cereal can be pretty pricey. Try those supermarket versions instead, they're really rather good and are a fraction of the cost of the big brands.

  • A cooked breakfast really does fill you up and stop that tummy rumbling mid morning. It doesn't have to be a full English. Scrambled eggs on toast does the job nicely! Cooking your own is much cheaper too rather than buying something from the canteen at work and it really doesn't take long - ten minutes tops!

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