Thrifty Tips: Soup

With beautiful, blustery Autumn well and truly here, I thought I'd share a seasonal themed thrifty tip.
To save those precious pennies and keep the weekly food bill down, why not pop home-made soup on the menu. It's amazing how much soup you can make with only a few ingredients and seasonal ones too like, delicious butternut squash, leeks, potatoes and of course, pumpkin! 

If you're just cooking for one, don't be put off making a big batch because you can freeze lots of portions and then have cooking free days, yay! Warm a baguette up in the oven to go with your soup and you've got yourself one tasty, comforting Autumn dish!

This tip involves putting on your chef hat and getting creative but there's plenty of inspiration out there in scrummy cookbooks and on the internet.

Happy cooking! 

Joanna PayneTipsComment