Adventures in the garden: round-up

It's come to that time of year when plants need chopping back and pulling up and the garden needs a good tidy up before Autumn truly appears.

My sunflowers, beans, tomatoes, sweetcorn, kale and celery are still happy and producing crops. I've chopped back any offshoots and flowers from the tomatoes, so that they focus on putting energy into the existing fruit. I'm freezing beans and kale while they're still fresh and I'm waiting on all those seeds from the sunflowers. The celery still has much growing to do, so I'll watch with interest to see if they come to anything. The sweetcorn is possibly ready to eat but having never grown it before I'm not sure, so I will be doing some reading up on that before I dive on in! Oh and my sweetpeas and various flowers are still adding colour to the garden and giving me an ample supply to pop in a vase in my home.

Sadly, my fennel, peas and broadbeans didn't work this year. The fennel bolted and I only got a handful of peas and broadbeans before the plants died. My courgettes did really well but they've finished producing now. So, I've dug all of those guys up.

I find it really satisfying gardening at this time of year. Tidying up and getting ready to prepare the ground for next year is like wiping the slate clean. And, of course, planning what to plant next year is always exciting!

Have you had a good summer of gardening? What were your highlights?
Joanna PayneGardenComment