Tutorial: Bead Bottle Necklace

Want to make this cute necklace? 

This is a super quick project and very satisfying as you can wear it straight away and don't have to wait for any glue to dry because there isn't any. Hurrah for quick, fun projects! 

Ok, so all you need to make this über cute necklace is:

-  Jewellery pliers - you can order these online or pick them up from your local haberdashery shop.
- Mini bottle - available on Etsy.
- Gold or silver chain - these come in a range of lengths and styles. Have a look on Ebay.
Jump ring - available on Ebay.

Step 1: fill your bottle up with beads. You could go for one colour or a lovely mix of pastels or neon colours. As this is such a quick project, experiment first to find the perfect colour combination for you and remember you can change the beads to go with different outfits!

Step 2: when you're happy with the colour combination pop the cork top on and open up the jump ring with your pliers. You only need to open it up enough to thread it through the little hook on the cork top. 

When you've thread the jump ring through, close the gap with your pliers so that it's securely attached.

Step 3: Feed your necklace chain through the jump ring and voilà, your necklace is ready to wear!