Time away from the desk

Taking time out from work and a routine is very important. It refreshes the body and mind. It reminds you that there's a whole world out there. It gives you back the spirit of adventure. It recharges the batteries and gives you an energy boost. It focuses the mind on what is actually important in your life.

I recently went on a much needed long weekend away to north Norfolk. It was heaven. The sun was out, the sky and sea were intensely blue and the fresh sea air blew many a cobweb away. It gave me such a boost that I thought I'd share some ideas with you for taking time out of a busy schedule or routine.

Short on time? / Go for a walk around the block; do 15 minutes of gardening; or book a night away to look forward to.

Change that routine / This can be as simple as preparing something different for lunch to changing jobs! Keeping it simple though, you could also try: going to a different exercise class; shopping at a different supermarket; listening to a different radio station; or switching the tv off and picking up a good book.

Spirit of adventure / Getting out and exploring is a surefire way to give you a boost. It needn't be expensive either. Making a picnic and heading out for a walk does the job nicely. On a small budget you could jump on a coach or train to a different county and explore the town and countryside for the day. With a bigger budget, booking a weekend away is a great way to change your routine. With lots of places to stay suiting all budgets, it's not difficult to find a lovely B&B or self-catered studio.

I hope this has given you some ideas for changing that routine and getting away from the desk. 
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