Styling my home: craft studio inspiration

The times has come. I need a bigger craft studio. 

And so, with a bit of rearranging I've moved my studio from the little box room into the spare double bedroom. I now cannot see how I ever fitted all of my shop and craft supplies into that one little room. 

On moving everything it's become apparent that I need to re-design my workspace to make it more functional. I need better storage and shelving, so that I know where everything is and so that I can try and keep the space tidy. I also need good lighting / desk lamps for my close up embroidery work; a long desk, so that I can keep my sewing machine at one end and work-in-progress at the other without constantly moving them around and of course wall space to put all my pictures up, so that it's a pretty space to work in too!

With all this in mind I've been having a look around for some inspiration and filling up my Pinterest board. Here are some of my favourite finds so far.

Source: House to Home

Source: Apartment Therapy
Source: The Happy Zombie
Source: The Vintage Glitter House
Source: A Beautiful Mess