Adventures in the garden: Tomatoes

Did you know the scientific name for the tomato, Lycopersicon lycopersicum, means, β€œwolf peach"? I rather like that!

And talking of tomatoes, I've tried my hand at growing them again, despite them failing last year and not producing any fruit whatsoever. 

I did a bit more reading up and from the little seeds I started back in May, I eventually popped them out into the ground and pots. In July they looked like this... this in August....

...and towards the end of August they went crazy, like this!

There are plenty of tomatoes but they just don't seem to be turning red. I'm feeding and regularly watering them but maybe they just need more sunshine? If they don't show any signs of turning a glorious red colour, I'm going to try two things. Firstly, pop them in a brown paper bag and hope that they ripen. Apparently, this is suppose to work. Secondly, make green tomato chutney of which I'll be sure to share the recipe!
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