Thrifty Tips: Supermarket Herbs

You know when you buy those pots of herbs from the supermarket, use what you need and then slowly watch the plants droop before they head to the land of the bin? 

Well, next time you buy one, pick up a little bag of compost and a couple of medium sized plant pots too. When you get home, pop some compost in the pots, water them well and add your herbs. Remember, you usually get a dozen or so stalks in those tiny pots from the supermarket, so spread them out among your plant pots. Finally, put them on a little dish and give them another water. You can then have the pleasure of watching them grow, multiply and picking what you need when you're cooking. Oh and you'll save  a few pennies too!

I hope you like this week's thrifty tip. You can catch up on all my tips here.

Happy thrifting folks!

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