Thrifty tip: weekly menu

Don't you just hate throwing food away?

I got so sick of getting to the end of the week and throwing all the out of date food straight into the bin. It was such a waste of food and money. So, I decided to take action!

Instead of heading to the supermarket and just picking what I fancied or perhaps getting standard veg to fill the fridge with, I decided to start making a weekly menu. 

Before heading off to the supermarket I would work out what to eat for the week ahead, then write down all those ingredients on my shopping list and only buy those items. It completely radicalised my weekly shop. Not only did I save a load of money but it really helped knowing what I was going to eat each night. 

This is especially helpful being super busy running my own business and living on my own. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to save a few pennies and time!

Joanna PayneTipsComment