Adventures in the garden: Sweetcorn update

Ok, so prepare for much squealing at this sweetcorn update:

The sweetcorn I started from seed back in May are still alive AND the sweetcorn are on their way! HURRAH!!!!!!!

I actually cannot believe it. I've never grown them before and was expecting a massive failure in that corner of the garden but no, they are still growing! And boy are they amazing plants. If you scroll down through my timeline of pics, check out their incredible roots. They look like talons, holding on to support their massive structure. I'm very, very impressed. Since writing this post, I have updated it with signs of life - the sweetcorn are on their way folks! Arrrggh! Sooooooooo excited!!

This my friends, is a sweetcorn. I spotted it and a few others yesterday, despite having written this post pre-signs of sweetcorn life. I was sooooooooo excited that I just had to update this post. Yay!

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