Adventures in the garden: Kale

Everything is motoring along in the garden and I'm now starting to eat freshly grown veg every day.  I love it when the garden gets to that bountiful stage of regular pickings of beautiful food. 

Something I'm particularly proud of is the Red Bor Kale, pictured below. It was very easy to grow. I simply popped the seeds straight into the ground (which had been dug over and covered in chicken manure weeks before). With some regular watering I didn't have to do anything else and voila, it has shot up!

The purple stalks really catch your eye when the sun picks them out amongst all the greenery.

To cook the kale, I've been steaming it for no longer than a minute. It cooks very quickly, a bit like spinach. I think I prefer it over spinach because it has a bit more crunch and boy-oh-boy, it is full of nutrients, so a super healthy veg! According to Food Matters it contains vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, folate, omega-3s, magnesium, calcium, iron, fiber, and protein. Wowza!

I especially love to have kale on the side with some fish, drizzled with lemon and a little butter. Another firm favourite is to pop it in a curry. Yum!