Adventures in the garden: courgettes

Here's a little before and after of my courgettes...

...this photo was take in June, a couple of weeks after I bought two courgette plants from B&Q. I tried twice to grow courgettes from seed but for the first time in years they didn't sprout, so I had to cheat.

After lots of rain and sunshine, they shot up and started flowering in July...

...and this is how they look now. Pretty big, with their hand like leaves. 

I'm getting a bountiful supply of courgettes; green ones and yellow ones. The yellow ones are my favourite simply because they're yellow and I've never grown that variety before.

I've always enjoyed growing courgettes because they're pretty easy to grow but one thing I have noticed over the years is that they seem much happier grown into a veggie plot as opposed to growing them in pots. It gives them more room to produce more courgettes. And boy, do they taste amazing eaten moments after picking them.

Are you growing any courgettes this year?

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