Styling my home: Shells

A collection of shells in a letterpress drawer has to be one of my most favourite things in my home.
My Mum bought this for me from a guy who collects the shells, glues them carefully into the slots in the drawer and secures a piece of glass over the top to produce one of the most unique and beautiful displays I have ever seen.

It's currently sitting on top of the mantlepiece in my dining room, right in front of the table, so that I can admire it. I would actually like to rip this fireplace out and replace it with a log burning stove but that's definitely a job I need to save up for. One day, perhaps.

Next to the shells, I usually have some freshly picked flowers from the garden in one of my Granny's old jars. The jar is broken slightly and I seem to remember it held biscuits in. 

Further along is a little toy aeroplane, which is my Mum's. You can wind it up and it whizzes around in circles, doing little flips as it goes. It's really rather wonderful and I remember it from a very young age. 

At the other end are two pictures my brother drew. I love how characterful they are and every time I look at them, they make me smile.

Here are some more photos.....I got a bit carried away with the shells.