Thrifty tips: Salads

Here's an easy thrifty tip to ensure you don't throw food away and of course, help save those precious pennies. 

Salads are quite simply, ingredients mixed together with a dressing. They're healthy, filling and so easy to prepare. They can also be made out of anything. 

I love cobbling together odd bits of food to create something rather tasty. Even left over cooked vegetables from the night before or that half tin of butter beans work well. And don't forget fruit too. I love popping in an apple, orange or nectarine. The fruit gives a lovely balance of flavours and is particularly good with some cheese.

So, instead of wondering what to do with some random bits of fruit and veg, why not bundle them all together and mix them with a dressing or just simply dress with olive oil and lemon.

I hope you like today's thrifty tip. Catch up on my others here and happy thrifting!