Styling my home: stairs

Slowly, bit by bit, I'm decorating my home and making it a place that reflects me and makes me happy to be there. 

One area, which is a work-in-progress, are the stairs. Originally (why oh why didn't I take a "before" shot when I first moved in?!) they were covered in horrid, sickly green carpet, which I quickly ripped up. Underneath I discovered these beauties!

The walls were painted in magnolia (urgh urgh urgh) but with a few coats of white paint, they were quickly transformed. Here's a little pic...

....and here's the latest pic! In my mind I had an idea to cover the wall with pictures, posters, prints and random objects and so one by one, I started putting items up on the wall.

These are technically on loan from my Mum, so I'll have to find something to replace them with, eventually. The tennis racket is my Mum's that she used in the 70s, so it is an actual vintage piece.

At the top of the stairs I've put one of my favourite paintings, which my Mum did. The bright colours really stand out in the frame against the white wall.

This awesome enamel diary jug is also my Mum's...I know, I know! It's going to be much missed when it's taken back but I'll have fun looking for a vintage piece to replace it with.

I plan to add more objects and prints to the wall and also sort the stairs themselves out. At the moment I'm thinking of keeping them looking simple but sanding them down and touching up the white paint at the edges. I did consider painting them but I feel that would distract from the art work etc on the wall.

I'll be sure to share an update when I've progressed further. Have you been decorating your home recently with quirky, vintage pieces?