Adventures in the garden: Peas

After the success of my beans last year, I thought I'd try a few other climbing plants in my veggie plot to see if I end up with a bumper crop to cook, nibble, freeze and share with friends and family. One veggie I'm trying for the first time is the good ol' pea. 

I planted a couple of rows of peas from seed, outside and they took about 3 weeks or so to sprout. In fact, only 5 out of 10 made it. Sad face. I did start to wonder if they would ever appear but ta-da, they did! Big round of applause for the pea and here's a pic of one of the pea plants strutting its stuff in May.

And here are the peas in all their glory this month. I love, love, love seeing them develop and take shape. I know I've said that before about plants but it really is rather magical.

Oh and here's a little bird's eye view. What a pretty plant.