Thrifty tips: freezing wine

Now before you all say why on earth would you freeze wine, hear me out!

When cooking a receipe that requires wine, I tend to get in a bottle that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I might have a little glass of it with my meal and then I have to confess, I forget about it and leave it to go off, especially if it's not a decent wine. And then guiltily I throw it down the sink. Not good. I might as well be throwing money in the bin.

Annnyway, I stopped doing this a while ago as I discovered that you can actually freeze wine. Get your ice tray and simply fill it up with the remaining wine. The next time you cook, you can simply pop a few wine ice cubes in that stew or spaghetti bolognese and ta-da, no wine wasted! It works with both red and white wine.

This is great for those who are tea-total or who don't drink very much. It's also good for those of us living on our own, who have no one to share the wine with!

I hope you like this week's thrifty tip. Catch up on my last tips here.