Thrifty Tips: Breadcrumbs

This week's thrifty tip includes one of my favourite things, bread, yum!

Do you find when you get towards the end of a loaf of bread, the last slice or two has usually curled up and gone a little stale? It's not exactly appetizing is it but it can still be used. Simply whizz that slice up in a food blender and ta-da, you've just made yourself some breadcrumbs! 

You can either use them straight away to cook with or freeze them to use at a later date. Sometimes when I'm in a particular hurry, I will just pop the end of the bread in a freezer bag and straight into the freezer for making breadcrumbs when I need them. This works just as well. It's quick, easy and means you're throwing less away, which has got to be good thing!

I hope you like this week's thrifty tip. Catch up on my other tips here and happy thrifting!