Review: Sleepy Head by the Kettle Shed

This week as part of my Kettle Shed tea review series, I'm tasting Sleepy Head, a loose leaf tea.

On opening up the packet, the smell was incredible and just look how unbelievably pretty it is!

It contains buds of chamomile, elderflower and lavender, which are great to sooth, relax and help with insomnia too. 

On the side of the box it suggests how long to infuse the tea for, which I like as I'm a firm believer in letting tea brew properly. It would be nice to see a suggestion of how much to infuse though. I went for one teaspoon, which did the job.

The taste and smell was very soothing. 

As I'm a fan of a cup of chamomile to help me relax and nod of to sleep every evening, I tend to have it with a drop of honey. So, I thought I'd try some in the Sleepy Head tea. It was nice but worked just as well without.

All in all it's a good evening tea and the mixture of ingredients work well.

Next week I'll be tasting a tea, which has a complete POW factor, so stay tuned!


Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.