Review: Epic Grey by the Kettle Shed

Last year I reviewed some gorgeous teas by The Kettle Shed and I have the great pleasure again of tasting some more!

The Kettle Shed is a small, independent UK company and every time a box of tea bags is purchased, they donate tea directly to homeless shelters across the UK. How fantastic is that! They have just created a whole load of new products and blends and also redesigned their packaging, so I'm keen to see how they compare to my last tasting session.

First in the teapot is Epic Earl, which is a bergamot scented blend. It comes in this cute cardboard box, which has a clever flap at the back, so that you can reseal the box, keeping your tea fresh.

Included in the box is a plastic packet full of 15 biodegradable fuso tea bags. Anything that is biodegradable is a big tick in my opinion.

The tea looks so pretty in the bag, especially with the red cornflowers and wow, the smell on opening the packet, is amazing! Fresh and inviting.

Lots of useful information is included on the box, including the ingredients and instructions on how to brew it properly.  

After brewing Epic Grey for 3 minutes with fresh, boiling water, the smell was sooo good, really fragrant.

The first thing I noticed on tasting the tea was the slight hint of orange, which you don't always get with a black, bergamot tea. It was fresh and full of flavour.

I tried it black and also with milk and didn't actually have a preference as the flavour was good with or without milk.

I could definitely drink several cups of this, maybe as mid-morning tea or as my last caffeine fix of the afternoon.

If you like your earl grey tea and want to try this out for yourself, you can pick it up here.

Next week I will be tasting a loose leaf tea by The Kettle Shed, so stay tuned!

Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.