Review: Cheeky Charlie by The Kettle Shed

This week, as part of my Kettle Shed tea review series, I'm tasting a rather cheeky tea called Cheeky Charlie.

Sadly, the box got a little squashed in the post, hence the creases but it didn't effect the tea in anyway. In fact, on opening up the box, the smell was absolutely, incredible! I could pick out the apple and lime instantly and an amazing sweet, fresh citrus smell. Stunning!

Fifteen  biodegradable fuso bags came packed with Chinese green tea, lemon verbena, lime leaves, apple pieces, calendula, sunflower petals and flavour. The flavour isn't specified and I would prefer to know as I'm definitely the kind of person who likes to know exactly what's included in food and drinks (yes, I'm that woman at the supermarket reading the contents of tins and packets!).

I brewed the tea for three minutes as suggested and the aromas and taste of apple and lime were gorgeous and really refreshing. 

On the back of the packet it also suggests trying the tea iced. It would be nice to have a tip on how best to make iced tea for those less familiar.

I was really surprised that it also contains Chinese green tea as I'm not usually a fan but the mixture of flavours were perfectly balanced. This has to be my favourite tea so far and I'm going back for a second cuppa!

Stay tuned for next week's tea tasting session and happy tea drinking!



Disclosure: I reviewed this independently and wasn't sponsored to write this post.