Adventures in the garden: Tulips

Don't you just love it when plants that you didn't plant appear, as if by magic! These tulips popped up after I moved into my house. It was a lovely surprise and they've come back again this year.

There are only seven of them. One for each day of the week. I love them so much that I have snapped them up with my camera.
Just look at the delicate red edge on this yellow tulip below. It's like someone has either drawn it on or the edges have, ever so slighty, caught a pot of red paint.

I love how they unfurl like this.

And they look equally beautiful with rain drops.

This mixutre of colour below is just incredible. It reminds me of a peach and looks like someone has sketched those red/orange markings. Gorgeous!

Perhaps I'll try and grow some of my own as I do love them so.

What flowers are making your heart sing this spring?