Adventures in the garden: Seeds, Seedlings and Bulbs

Last year I ran a little blog series sharing my adventures in the garden. I loved running it because it got me to think about what I was actually planting and observe more carefully what plants worked and what didn't. It also encouraged me to try out new plants and photograph them at all of their wonderful stages.

With spring well and truly here, I'm back in the garden with even more enthusiasm than last year and I've been planting seeds, seedlings and bulbs like they're going out of fashion!

With the surprising success of my French Runner Beans last year (they were first devoured by slugs but with a bit of intervention, I saved them!) producing no end of beautiful, tasty beans, I've decided to grow them again. In fact, I'm trying two brands of French Beans and also some Broad Beans. The French are sprouting eagerly but the Broads are on the go slow.


I have also planted this little list, which I grew last year too. 

Mustard Salad
Spring Onions

They all grew really well, with the exception of the tomatoes, so I'll be keeping a special eye on those guys this year.

The photo above I took the other day when I realised that some of my seeds were sprouting - such a good feeling! These are my Mustard Salad, which are soooooooooo tasty and super easy to grow, so I just had to pop them in the ground again this year.

I am also trying the following, which I've never grown before, so it'll be interesting to see if they work!

Sweetcorn - Swift F1 variety i.e. your normal corn on the cobs!
Mini sweetcorn - i.e. those yummy mini ones you pop in a stir fry, nom nom nom!
Red Kale

I'm particular excited about the sweetcorn because it's a big plant, so it'll be fun to watch it develop and take over a corner of the veggie patch. Although, I have heard it can be a tricky one to grow, so a challenge!

I've also planted a million flowers by scattering seeds, seedlings and bulbs in my flower border and in terracotta pots. I'm hoping they will encourage the bees!

Are you a gardener or maybe trying it for the first time? I'd love to hear what you've planted and if you have any tips, especially for sweetcorn, please do share below. Thanks peeps and happy gardening!