Adventures in the garden: Beans

In a matter of weeks, my beans have gone from this... this!  Kaboom!

I love seeing how they develop and grow from those stunning looking seeds I planted.

They are really rather beautiful. 

I'm not sure what happened to the little guy on the right. Has he been demolished by an insect? Certainly doesn't look like he wants to join the party :-(

The above pics are of my French Beans. The Broad Beans (who got sandwiched in the middle of my seed tray) are taking their time...maybe they need a little more light?

I've started acclimatising them all to the great outdoors by taking them out the little greenhouse each day, before tucking them up at night. They seem to look rather happy having some air. I'm planning to plant them outside at the weekend. Fingers crossed the last frost will have passed by then!

What are you growing this year? Any new plants?