Thrifty tips: grow your own salad

We all want to have more adventures in life, right? But going on adventures can have quite an impact on the monthly bank statement. The times I've said no in order to watch the pennies and have ended up missing out on a great day/night/weekend is all to familiar and always ends in regret. 

Well, with spring here and summer around the corner, I want to be able to say yes more and not miss out. The only way I can do this is by being clever with my pennies. So, I've decided to start a new blog series on ways to be thrifty, so that those adventures (and tea parties!) can happen! And my first thrifty tip is about growing your own salad leaves. 

How often have you found that the bag of salad (usually squirrelled away at the back of the fridge) has gone limp and soggy? Urgh! In the bin it goes, with a note to self to remember it next time. 
It not only impacts the environment but it's also a complete waste of money. Just think how much money you've literally thrown in the bin each week! BUT, there is a way around this!

By growing your own salad leaves, you can pick what you need, when you need it and oooh, it tastes a hell of lot better! Sooo fresh and delicious!

It's super easy to do too and you do not need an allotment to do so. 

- Simply pop some seeds in a pot of compost, water and place in a sunny spot/back yard/windowsill. If you're limited on storage space, you can buy mini bags of compost from garden centres and at this time of year, supermarkets too.

- Give your plant/s a regular feed with either a tomato food or an all-purpose food. Again these don't take up space and can live under the kitchen sink, with you mini watering can. If you're unsure how often to feed your plants, just check the seed packet instructions.

- Pick your salad regularly to encourage new growth and a regular supply

Two of my favourites salads to grow are rocket and mustard salad leaves. They are not only super tasty but they are very sturdy plants and will grow pretty much all year round.

I hope my first thrifty tip has inspired you to give it a go...and save those pennies...and give your taste buds a welcome change!

Happy growing, folks!

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