Thrifty tips: frozen blueberries

This week's thrifty tip is breakfast themed! 

Are you all about the porridge for breakfast? I can't get enough of the stuff and I love popping some fruit on top, with a bit of golden syrup and a handful of seeds, yum! 

As I like to alternate between porridge, chucky eggs and toast throughout the week, I find I can't get through those blueberries fast enough, without them going off. So, to stop them going mouldy and being thrown away and ultimately, wasting money, I now freeze mine and take a handful out when I want them. I then pop them in with my porridge oats and milk and warm the whole lot up in the microwave. The blueberries then break up in the porridge and turn it into a delicious blueberry colour! Adding a bit of chopped up banana and sesame seeds makes it a really healthy start to the day but I'm a sucker for golden syrup, so usually add a spoonful of that too!

I hope you like this week's thrifty tip! Catch up on my last few tips here and stay tuned for more!

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