Thrifty tips: Boiling the kettle

As you can imagine tea gets drunk ALOT at Adventures & Tea Parties HQ! So, this week's thrifty tip is tea related. It's a very simple and quick tip.

When you make a cuppa, don't boil the whole kettle, boil just enough for your cup. It's a total waste of energy boiling a whole kettle for one cuppa - unless you're having a tea party, in which case a whole kettle makes sense. Boiling just enough for however many cups you need is also great for those on a water meter.

If there are quite a few of you, make a pot of tea. You don't need as many teabags that way, so that helps on saving the pennies and ooh tea tastes great out of the pot!

I hope you like this week's thrifty tip! Catch up on last week's here and stay tuned for more!

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