My month in pictures: April

I knitted with plastic for the first time and blogged about it over at Simple Stylish Knitting.

Moved back into my house and purchased this Bakelite beaut to celebrate! 

Got stuck into gardening again and planted runner beans, broad beans, courgettes and more. No seedlings showing yet but I keep checking on them all like an excited kid!

It's all about the bees and so this month I signed up to the Greenpeace petition, pledged to Create a Bee & Bee, got all bee friendly on my Pinterest board and bought a beautiful bee poster, designed by Stuart Gardiner for Friends of the Earth. More details here if you're interested.

Lots of personalised, handkerchief orders this month, so I've been stitching away in my studio while lsitening to Radio 6.

Began a new blog series on thrifty tips, so that we can all afford to have more adventures in life! Catch up on my first three tips here.

Hope you've all had a good month!