Bees, bees, buzzy bees!

Bees need our help!!! Those incredibly buzzy insects are very sadly on the decline. Did you know that they are essential to forming a lot of our food by pollinating crops? Evidence suggests that pesticides and aggressive agriculture causes the loss of habitat and food and therefore the loss of not only bees but earthworms, birds and insects. That's heartbreaking.

In fact, it's so upsetting that I've decided to sign the Greenpeace petition and I've also pledged to Create a Bee & Bee with Friends of the Earth. Both are so easy to do and the Create a Bee & Bee looks like loads of fun! It's a way of helping bees in your very own backyard by giving you with tips for providing food, water and nesting spaces. 

I've got so excited about the possibility of getting all crafty and creative in the garden to help the bees that I've started finding and adding some DIY bee projects on my Pinterest board. On my board you'll see this gorgeous Friends of the Earth poster, which is available to purchase here. I've ordered mine and plan to pop it up in my kitchen.

Picture source: Friends of the Earth

So, why not use your crafty skills and get involved to help the bees!