What's on the jukebox, Jo?

This week saw the arrival of my new, temporary house mate, my Mum. My Mum's big into her music. We regularly send recommendations to each other but we now have the chance to listen and discover new songs and artists together. I'm soooooo flippin' excited about that! 
This week I've been playing Mum a lot of Radio 6 - she loves it so much, which I'm delighted about it because hey, lets face it, my Roberts radio rarely gets the chance to blast out another station ;-)
So, you're going to see music inspirations on my 'What's on the jukebox, Jo?' series from both Mum and I for the next 6 months, not a bad thing by any means!
This week Mum's been all about this Glasto performance by Kasabian of 'Crazy' and 'Take Aim'. In return I have introduced Mum to the original Crazy song by Gnarl's Barkley. She loves it and now can't decide which she prefers more, the original or the cover, ha ha!
Happy listening, dancing and singing along folks!