Stair inspiration

The stairs in my house were covered in the most horrific, faded green carpet known to man. Within months of moving in I ripped the entire lot up on my tod, by hand and sent it to the tip. Hidden by that foul carpet were glorious wooden stairs, which clearly use to have a runner up the middle. Seeing that made very excited and totally and utterly inspired to bring them back to life!

This year is the year of the stairs! I'm going to get them back into shape and I have a tonne of ideas - too many perhaps! Sooo, I've started myself a Pinterest board dedicated entirely to capturing ideas for decorating my stairs.

At the moment, they look a bit like these stairs from Apartment Therapy but mine need to be sanded in places, a few nails banging in (to get rid of the squeak on certain steps!) and the white painting needs to be touched up. I like the idea of keeping them simple like this but adding a load of pictures of various sizes on the wall.

Photo from Apartment Therapy

The idea of painting up the middle is rather tempting too. One bold colour up the middle, with the edges and banister painted white. I could always change the colour over time or maybe a different colour every year?!?

Photo from Apartment Therapy

I've seen a few glorious pics of more shabby chic, girly style stairs, with floral paper on the riser (I totally had to look up what that part is called, ha ha!). It would be fun finding vintage wall paper but that might take a while and how easy would it be to clean? Also, could it get a bit tatty too quickly? Hmm, decisions, decisions!

Photo from Anne Make Up

A DIY approach involving chevrons is an exciting idea too! Could this be too fiddly or would it totally be worth it?

Photo from Makezine

Photo from Good Housekeeping

Lots of lovely ideas and I can't wait to get going on, Operation Stairs! If this is something you're interested in, follow my Stairs Pinterest board for inspiration.