#smileandsayhello project revealed

This week I've been hinting on Twitter and Instagram at a secret project I've been working on. 
Well, now all can be revealed...with a bit of background first!

I'm the kind of person who likes to say "hello", "good morning", "afternoon" to anyone I pass by in the street. However, I recently realised that I don't say it nearly enough because I've got my senses glued to my i-pod. I either can't hear if someone's saying hello or my i-pod's on so loud that I can't actually hear myself speak if I say, "morning". Not good on my ears and certainly not polite towards the other person. I could either be shouting HELLO or whispering hello so quietly that they wouldn't be able to hear and respond but I'd never even know.

So, I've started taking my headphones out and saying "hello", "good morning", "afternoon" as much as possible, without looking like the local mad woman and you know what, it's flippin' great!  Not everyone replies or gives eye contact enough for me to even say hello but most people smile and reply and that feels good, really good.

Over dinner one night I got chatting to my best friend about this and we discussed how sadly people don't say hello enough, especially in big cities. Villages are the exception I have to add. I grew up in a village and it would have been frowned upon not to say hello. But in cities everyone's either in too much of a hurry, dubious of someone saying hello or glued to their i-pod, phone or some such device. It's pretty sad really. We're a sociable bunch by nature and yet we've become rather unsociable.

So, with the beginning of a new month and spring just around the corner, I want to start a mini revolution and bring back the sociable act of smiling and saying hello to each other.
Do you want to join me? If so, head to my Twitter or Facebook page, smile, introduce yourself, and add the hashtag #smileandsayhello. Then the next time you pass someone in the street, smile and say hello and come and let me know how you get on!