DIY Creative Gardening

I can feel it, spring is definitely just around the corner and with that I'm getting flipping-ridiculously-over the top-can't stop thinking-excited about getting back out into my beloved garden!

Last year I laid the ground work, so-to-speak, in my very own first little garden. The veg patch was created; borders were dug up and masses of flowers were planted; and an old shed was knocked down. 

This year, I'm hoping to get all DIY creative on my garden. As well as trying to grow a whole new load of veggies and flowers I've never grown before. I also want to add more home-made, fun quirky bits and bobs. So, I've started looking around and adding some fun makes to my Pinterest board, which you can check out here, with a few of my favourites below.

Are you a green fingered, garden obsessive too? What are your plans for your garden this year? 

Source: Listotic

Source: Beachcomber

Source: Uncle Johns Cabin

Source: Splash of Something

Source: craftgawker