What's on the cutting room table?

I do love a good custom order and when a request came through for a handkerchief with someone's name embroidered in their own hand writing, I was immediately intrigued at the challenge!

Through the post came a copy of their name in their own handwriting and I must add, 'Liz' doesn't know a thing about it or at least she wouldn't have until recently (have kept this underwraps, so as not to spoil the surprise in case she's a follower of my blog)! 

The idea came from a lovely customer who wanted to give a special handkerchief as a gift for Valentine's Day. What a wonderfully, thoughtful idea!

And this is Liz's way of signing off, with her well known squiggle underneath all hand embroidered on to one of my handmade, white cotton handkerchiefs.

I loved working on this custom order and would happily do more! So, if you would like one made with yours or someone else's name, please do get in touch!