Tea & Craft

What is it about pretty little beverages, cakes and craft that go hand-in-hand? I can't imagine knitting my latest project without one of my favourites cups full to the brim of steaming, hot tea and a buttery tea cake.

The china cup or mug varies of course, according to the type of tea I'm drinking -  yes, I'm that precious about my tea! A mug for some strong builders tea or a pretty, china cup for my latest favourite fruit tea.

I've tried to find out if there's a bit of history behind why tea and craft seem to go together but I've struggled to find anything. I wonder if it's actually a recent cultural thing, especially with the rise of the WI and craft parties being held up and down the country? Or maybe it's simply the case that both activites are so soothing? Or or or maybe craft is thirsty work? What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

And while we're on the topic of craft and tea and you fancy a craft party, go check out Cambridge Craft Parties run by the fabulous, crafty lady that is Claire of Claireabellemakes!

Happy crafting and tea drinking folks!
Joanna PayneComment