What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Coo-ee, it's been a busy week but one where I'm not sure what the flip I've actually done! That's always a strange feeling. Anyhoooo, one thing I have definitely done is book time off for both Secret Garden Party and End of the Road festivals this year. I'm soooooooooooooo excited! And on hearing the first wave of line-up announcements for EOTR, I could scream I'm so happy - actually I think I did already!
Anyway, before I start rambling any more, here are a couple of tracks from two bands who are playing EOTR. King Khan and BBQ Show I discovered for the first time at Primavera festival years and years ago. I'd never heard of them before and they were one of my top acts that weekend....ok,  yes, I'm rambling. Here you go and don't forget to turn the volume up and dance!
Animal Party - King Khan & BBQ Show
Default - Django Django
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