What's on the jukebox, Jo?

On the days I work on my biz, I pretty much listen to Radio 6 non-stop on my red Roberts radio. I confess I would like one of these vintage style radios in every colour - maybe one for each room in the house?! ;-)

By the side of the radio you can usually find a scrap piece of paper, with a load of song titles hurridly written down after hearing them and thinking, "man alive, this song is amazing" and especially if a song causes me to break out in dance! A sight to behold honest, ha ha!
This week as part of this regular feature, I thought I'd share the songs I've downloaded, just in case one of them makes you dance round the living room or just shiver with sheer joy.
20/20 - Gas Coombes
Grim Cinema - B.C. Camplight - starts after a minute in
Stealing Cars - Nadine Shah
Just One of the Guys - Jenny Lewis
Between Cans - Deers
Soon Come Soon - Young Fathers
Violet Shiver - Benjamin Booker
The Party Line - Belle and Sebastian
Kathleen - Catfish and the Bottlemen
Happy dancing folks! 
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