The return of Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest? What do you use it for? Does it inspire you?

I recently got back into fact, it was just Friday night, whilst listening to Radio 6 and drinking chamomile tea from an old but cosy mug. A mug can be cosy right? I think so. Some mugs and cups are just plain comforting to drink from. Anyway, back to Pinterest and why I returned to it.

I'm currently between houses and due to move back into my real home in the spring. When I do return, I'm planning to continue decorating it. All the home interior ideas I have bouncing around in my head are fun to imagine but are kinda driving me crazy. I'm the type of girl who has to write, and sometimes draw, these thoughts, ideas, and images into my notebook. If I don't then they pester me.

The past few weeks I've been thinking a lot about what I'm calling, Operation Bed. I'm planning to make my bedroom the most comforting, glorious and inviting place. A place to relax with my book. A place to wake up on a weekend, eat toast, drink tea and read the papers. A place to snuggle up in after a long soak in the tub. I want pretty bed covers and knitted cushions, eiderdowns and throws. I want to paint the entire room white, so that it feels fresh and all those prints I've got can finally be hung up and stand out from the white backdrop. I want painted wooden floor boards and rugs, a blanket box and vintage, hanging mirrors. 

I could see it all in my head but needed to get it out and on to paper. Then I realised I was being completely daft - why Pinterest can help! My poor little account has been some what neglected, so I logged back in, made another cup of chamomile and started to put together a new board on bedroom inspiration. And I'm now as excited as ever because I've got a glimpse of what I've been imaginging...and not only that but it's given me further inspiration. I'm not going to leave it so long before logging in next time. 
Mmm, Operation Bed here we come! 

This post is purely based on my own opinion and hasn't been sponsored in anyway.
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