New Design: Message In A Bottle

I've been hinting at a new design coming to my online shops (Etsy and NOTHS) this week 
and ta da, here it is! 
Introducing 'A Message in a Bottle' necklace!
And because I'm such a tease, I'm going to let the pictures reveal the message in the bottle! 

Sooooooooo, there you go! Attached to a silver or gold plated 24" inch chain is a super cute (and I mean SUPER CUTE!) glass bottle, complete with cork stopper. Inside the bottle is a hand embroidered message of ,"I love you", stitched on to calico and hemmed carefully to create a little thread, so that your loved one can easily pull the message out of the bottle.
I decided to use calico fabric because I wanted to give the impression of the message being written on a piece of parchment (yes, I was thinking along the lines of a romantic, period novel!). I also wanted something that could easily roll up and of course fabric that I could stitch the message on to by hand.
I'm considering providing a range of other messages or maybe something more personalised. What would you like to see? I'd love to hear your thoughts as this is a brand new product....and well, it's always flippin' scary bringing a new design out, so I'd appreciate your comments folks!
Thanks loads!
Joanna PayneDesign, ShopComment