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Hola and happy Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a lovely, festive time! I had such a fun time with family that I got a bit sidetracked and my poor old blog was left in the corner with just a mince pie and sherry to keep it company, poor blog. Anyway, we've now reunited and are bringing you the penultimate post in my December Blog Gem Catch Up series, woohoo! Today's post sees me catching up with the super, talented Debbie Greenaway, who I interviewed back in February 2012. Debbie is now blogging on her fabulous, brand spanking new website. Take a look here, isn't it GORGEOUS! Soooo, want to know what Debbie's been up? Lets find out!

Hi there, Debbie! Have there been any changes in your blog and business since last we met? 
Hello! There have been many changes since we last met. I now live and work in Coventry - soon to be moving to a new home. I am still drawing and painting in a spare bedroom that I call my workroom so I have lot more space. Space that is filled with desks, drawers, storage units, paper, paint and fabric. I also work part time in a library! This year I have invested some (most) of my business money in equipment that allows me to expose and clean silkscreens at home. Hopefully this will encourage me to experiment and print more. Blog wise - I have desperately tried to stick with it and keep it updated but I haven't been as confident with creating posts/writing. 

What are you working on at the moment? 
I am always trying to draw - at home or at work - whenever I can as you never know what may appear on the sketchbook pages. At the moment, I am trying to work out the final details of a couple of card and notebook designs - keeping them simple and small so I can trial my new print set up. I also have a new Christmas themed design in mind involving a turtle and robins but I have yet to work out the finer design elements. I do have some robin badges and a couple of Christmas card designs on the go. The Santa's Cat card has been very popular! 

With regards to my blog, I keep thinking about how to jump start it, so the idea there is to use old blog post suggestions that I have kept from previous blog challenges and take a step back from Twitter and Instagram. These social media platforms are super but I think I probably stopped using my blog because they are quicker and easier to use and update so the plan is to find a better way to use all three together in the future.

What are your thoughts about blogging and running your own business? Have your thoughts changed since we last talked shop?
Ohh a difficult question. I have been asking myself a lot of questions lately. Why am I doing this? Why am I running my own business? Why am I putting my work out there? What is the point? - and that last question is a big question. Being an artist is not something I can turn on or off like a tap. For me, I have to keep the tap on, trickling away. Some water will be excellent and some water will be a bit murky. There are good creative days and there are murky creative days. This in turn is affecting not only my business but me personally and in turn, others around me. To sort things out, I am trying to take things slow. I am still selling online and through a couple of shops and galleries but I am not pushing the sales. I still love drawing and printing but I have decided that this part and other aspects of my life, come first before the business side of things. I guess you could say that I am still trying to find the right life/work balance. 'the imagination of ladysnail' business will always be there but my goal is to keep it going as a little business. I have no plans for world domination.

If you could invite 3 people (dead or alive, real or fictional) to Christmas dinner, who would you invite?
Decisions, decisions - let me think about this one as I have no idea! I always pick Sir David Attenborough for things like this so he would be my first guest and then one could be my husband, can't have Christmas dinner without him! And the final guest would be Kermit or Homer Simpson, or maybe Sir David would pick a guest! A surprise guest.

Wowza, sounds like you've been super busy with moving counties, printing, drawing and a new job on top, impressive stuff! That's really interesting about social media being so instantaneous that it can distract from blogging. It's a full time job keeping all those plates spinning! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, Debbie. It's been wonderful hearing what you're up to. Best of luck for the future m'dear!

I hope you've all enjoyed this post! Don't forget to stop by for the last interview in this series, which will be up on the 31st December :-)

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