Blog Gem Catch Up - Crafting Confessions

This is the last in my Blog Gem Catch Up series and what better way to end than with my first ever Blog Gem interviewee from way back in November 2011 -  Aimes of Crafting Confession. So, lets dive on it and find out how life has changed in the last 3 years.

Hey there Aimes! Have there been any changes in your blog since we last talked shop in November 2011

Wow! How time flies and how life can change. I think the biggest change on my blog is the recent lack of posts - ha! My time has been recently dedicated to a big career change from teaching to becoming the Editor of the UK magazine, Simply Cards & Papercraft. It's a highly challenging, exciting job that means I'm surrounded by papercrafting pretties all day and night. It's a dream come true! I'm also planning for my wedding in January and insist on creating the table decor and topper for our wedding cake - it'd be rude not to although it's taking way more time than I'd originally thought!

On my blog, I'm proud to be designing for Clearly Besotted Stamps. I've even been lucky enough to have some of my designs manufactured into stamp sets and co-ordinating dies for sale - so exciting! From a design perspective, I've dared to play a little more outside of my comfort zone, injecting more artsy/rough-around-the-edges elements to my clean and simple designs. Sometimes I revert back to my love of clean, simple, graphic designs but I'm now happy to experiment and have fun. :) 
What are you working on at the moment? 
At the moment I'm working on projects for various publications at work and we've recently embarked on an adventure presenting on the new papercrafting internet TV channel, The British Craft Network. This involves a lot of preparation beforehand for the demonstrations so I'm now busy preparing for our December shows using the wonderful free gifts available with our magazines that month. 

Christmas crafting is taking a bit of a backseat as I'm preparing for my wedding in January. Christmas cards are going to have to be a mass-produced simple design this year. However, I have a few pics of the different Christmas designs I've whipped up using a simple bauble die that was free with issue 129 of my magazine. Who would have thought a bauble die could be used to create a Christmas pudding and a snowflake too? 

What are your thoughts about the world of blogging? Have your thoughts changed since we last talked shop?

I still stand by the fact that blogging is totally addictive - especially when you start out. Blogging is becoming ever more popular and I've certainly seen an increase in people making a career from it. I know for a fact my blog was a big factor for me scoring this Editor job - acting as online portfolio/CV of my work. Bloggers are now being jumped on as a great marketing tool for businesses too who approach bloggers to spread the word about their products. This is great for the blogger who stands to get some free goodies to promote - the only word of advice I would have is to only promote products that you truly like. Don't be a sell out! However, blogging is not about this for me - it's still about having fun and sharing creativity with like-minded people.

I also feel that blogging is changing: bloggers now tend to link their posts to their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, pinterest etc...) and it's becoming an easy way to present your work to a wider audience and a great way for people to find you! Great for business bloggers and personal bloggers alike! 

If you could invite 3 people (dead or alive, real or fictional) to Christmas dinner, who would you invite?

Hmmmm....this is tough! I'm going to assume that they'll all get along well although it's a random gathering along with myself: 
Ben Folds (we need a piano in the room for him too! I love his music, his humour - everything!)
Athos (my favourite musketeer)
Bill Bailey (the comedian - hilarious, creative and so clever!) 
Wowza, life has totally changed for you, Aimes! I think that's every bloggers dream to get that call for an amazing opportunity as a craft magazine editor, congratulations! And thanks for dropping by for a catch up, it's been fab!

I hope you've all enjoyed this Blog Gem Catch Up series. Next month we'll be back to the regular Blog Gem monthly interviews, so stay tuned and happy blogging!

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