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Hey folks! Soooo, I've kind of been a bit quiet round here recently and totally failed on my blogging schedule as things have been CRAZY with: one house move, record number of shop orders, ridiculous amount of admin and one bout of tonsillitis, followed by a horrid cold and major exhaustion, bleurgh!

Anyway, to cheer things up and get back on track, here's a little catch up interview I did with one seriously talented lady, who always puts a smile on face...
....I last interviewed Claire as part of my Blog Gem series back in February 2013, so was eager to find out what has changed since then!

Hi there, Claire! Have there been any changes in your blog and business since last we chatted?
Actually quite a lot has changed! My blog/business has had a rebrand and I now have a made over website and home studio space. I've also developed and released new products for my store and have expanded my business to include Cambridge Craft Parties where I host craft events in my city. To add to that I have now written for 3 craft books, which was something I never expected to happen! It has been busy and wonderful and I've learnt so much. I feel like I am in the swing of things now!!

What are you working on at the moment?
My latest range in the store has just released - Scrabble Christmas Cards. I am so proud of them as it challenged my photography skills to design them and I have such a passion for stationery. I have a few established blog series' running at the moment including a monthly favourites post, a Filofax inspiration series and a Tourist in Cambridge series. The latter is such fun as it gets me out exploring my home city and allows me to appreciate where I live. 
I have a long list of things to learn for future projects too. Top of the list is video editing and writing book proposals.

What are your thoughts about blogging and running your own business? Have your thoughts changed since we last talked shop?
I guess now I feel more established and I think of my blog as part of my business. When we last spoke I thought of it as a hobby that could be a potential income stream in the future. Now I am happy to be making money from blogging and this is almost equal to what I make from my store and writing for publications. My blog allows me to connect directly with my customers and to share more of the values behind my business. I love blogging so much and can't imagine life without it now.

If you could invite 3 people (dead or alive, real or fictional) to Christmas dinner, who would you invite?
Santa because it would be great to know how he managed to get so much done in so little time (and maybe borrow some magic powers), Zoey Deschanel so I could borrow a party dress and act like a silly girl with her and Mark Montano who is a DIY You Tuber. He looks really fun and we could chat crafts.

Wowza, you sure have been one busy lady progressing your blog and business to those levels people only ever dream of! Congrats! And thanks so much for stopping by, it's been fab catching up! Good luck with those Christmas orders, Claire!

I hope you've all enjoyed this week's Blog Gem Catch Up interview and don't forget to check out Claire's DIY Felt Succulent Wreath (as pictured above). Love it!

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